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Episodes 1-5

Dear Twilight Faux,

Here are epsidoes 1-5, with pictures and links and pretty...

Episode 1 - In the Beginning

Twilight in Slovenia
J.K Rowling’s on Waterstones
Chapter by Chapter – Chapter One
Adam and Eve and the apple references
Bella’s wangst means she’s wrong again
Forks and the Forest Moon of Endor

Link to Download

Episode 2 - Listening with our Inner Ear

Thanks to our listeners – we actually have downloads
Music to read Twilight by
Great Quotes – Quotes that prove our theories
Chapter by Chapter - Bella is a closed book
Lack of Sleep – more potent than drugs
Syllables are destiny


Support of our Theories
Music to Read Twilight To

Episode 3 - Is there a Doctor in the House?

Contest for Alaskans only
Our Favorite Minor Character – Charlie
Chapter by Chapter – Phenomenon
Calling Dr. Bella
Body Heat – and the lack thereof
Adrenaline makes you Superman
Edward’s Jedi Mind Tricks


Episode 4 - Just say NO!

The Big Powdered Donut
Tips for a Midnight Book Party
Chapter by Chapter - Invitations
The Scent of a New Girl
Alice is the Coolest
Bella likes Bad Boys
Malice Talks to her dad about IHOP and Rome...


Episode 5 - On the Eve of Breaking Dawn

Comic Con featuring Stephanie Meyer
Who’s Bigger than the Beatles
Chapter by Chapter – Blood Type
Sweeping a Heroine off her Feet
Bella by a Nose
Malice being spacey

Apologies for the delay - problems with our site prevented upload.


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